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Fine Test

Fine Biotech is an ISO9001:2008 Certified Company,offers a full line of quality research kits,which include ELISA Kits,related ELISA assistant reagents and more high quality antibodies, recombinant proteins.
Fine Biotech technical dedicated to providing the highest quality Life Science reagents. Adhering to stringent controls on quality they continue to successfully supply for the international market.

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Fine Test

2BScientific introduces FineTest, a supplier that provides a comprehensive range of high-quality research kits, such as ELISA kits, associated reagents, premium antibodies, and recombinant proteins, all under ISO9001:2015 standard. These reagents span various research fields, encompassing metabolism, signal transduction, immunology, epigenetics, and neuroscience. The use of FineTest's reagents is supported by a wealth of publications across different topics, underscoring the high standard and effectiveness of these reagents.

Their ELISA kits, known for their sensitivity and specificity, are invaluable in quantifying specific proteins and detecting their presence in biological samples. In addition to ELISA kits, FineTest provides premium antibodies that play a pivotal role in protein detection, localisation, and quantification. Researchers can depend on these antibodies to deliver consistent and reproducible results, contributing to the robustness of their studies.

Fine test overview

Complementing these offerings are FineTest's recombinant proteins, which serve as essential tools for functional studies. These proteins are engineered to mimic natural proteins, allowing researchers to investigate cellular processes, pathways and interactions with precision. The recombinant proteins offered by FineTest are characterised by their purity and biological activity, ensuring their suitability for a diverse range of experimental applications. In summary, FineTest's ELISA kits, antibodies, and recombinant proteins collectively empower researchers with reliable, high-quality tools, fostering advancements in scientific understanding across a spectrum of research areas.