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Elabscience's In Situ DNA Fragmentation Detection Kit

Product Features

  • Multiple Choices: FITC, AF488, AF594, EV450, AF647, AF555.
  • Quick & Simple Operation: One-step method, within 2 hours excluding the sample fixation and permeabilization.
  • Cost effective: The key components (TdT & fluorescein-dUTP) are self produced, with high stability between batches.
  • Safe & Non-toxic: Without potassium cacodylate (dimethylarsinic acid)

Typical Results


 Product List

Cat NumberProduct NameSize
E-CK-A320One-Step TUNEL Assay Kit (Green, FITC)20Assays/50Assays/100Assays
E-CK-A321One-step TUNEL Assay Kit (Green, AF488)20Assays/50Assays/100Assays
E-CKA322One-step TUNEL Assay Kit (Red, AF594)20Assays/50Assays/100Assays
E-CK-A323One-step TUNEL Assay Kit (Blue, EV450)20Assays/50Assays/100Assays
E-CK-A324One-step TUNEL Assay Kit (Red, AF647)20Assays/50Assays/100Assays
E-CK-A325One-step TUNEL Assay Kit (Red, AF555)20Assays/50Assays/100Assays