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DIMA Biotechnology Ltd

DIMA Biotechnology LTD is a research and development company of recombinant monoclonal antibody focusing on immune oncology products and services. DIMA’s proprietary B cell cloning and recombinant monoclonal antibody development platform, DimAb[TM], can efficiently generate high-quality monoclonal antibodies in high throughput. Their R&D team has many years of experience in monoclonal antibody development. They provide solutions for scientific research, clinical diagnosis and therapeutic R&D.

The mission for the company is to apply advanced biotechnology to provide new and effective solutions for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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DIMA Biotechnology Ltd

Functional Protein Development

Mammalian cell recombinant protein expression platform

Functional Protein Development

2BScientific introduces DIMA Biotechnology , a leading biotech company specialising in preclinical R&D solutions for the Biopharma industry. DIMA Biotech offers a diverse portfolio of over 5,000 pre-designed, validated antibody molecules, tailored to the researchers needs. DIMA’s commitment includes developing lead antibodies for all potential drug targets, aiming to accelerate antibody-based drug discovery. Committed to innovation, DIMA optimise cutting-edge platforms for antibody-based drug development.

Nanodiscs, tiny structures around 10nm in diameter, preserve the shape and functions of transmembrane proteins in a lipid bilayer. DIMA Bio's synthetic Nanodisc is made directly from mammalian cells. Polymers in the process dissolve cell membranes and use cellular phospholipids to create Nanodiscs around membrane proteins. These Nanodiscs, containing the target protein, are then purified through affinity purification.

DIMA biotech overview

At DIMA Biotechnology, their enduring mission is to empower the BioPharma sector with advanced solutions, promoting innovation and expediting the development of life-changing therapies.

DiMPro™ Membrane Protein Platform

DiMPro excels in the expression and purification of membrane proteins using mammalian cells, displaying an inventory of over 1,000 functional proteins. Additionally, 200+ active full-length multi-pass membrane proteins, with a particular focus on challenging targets such as G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels.

DimAb® Single B-Cell Antibody Discovery Platform
The DimAb® B cell library empowers customers to access an extensive pool of over 10,000 positive hits within only a month. This accelerated timeline ensures that researchers can efficiently explore and identify potential candidates, significantly advancing the process of discovering and characterising antibodies with high specificity and functionality.  

DiLibrary™ Mammalian Display Antibody Engineering Platform

DIMA’s proprietary platform stands out in the fields of antibody humanisation, affinity maturation, and other engineering applications. Antibodies engineered using this system demonstrate unparalleled developability, outperforming those generated by traditional phage or yeast display platforms.

DiAssay™ Antibody Evaluation Platform

DIMA directs a comprehensive suite of screening processes tailored to assist drug developers in pinpointing the optimal hit molecules for their specific antibody drug modalities. DIMA's expertise extends to three specialised platforms designed for Bispecific Antibodies (BsAbs). Antibodies-Drug Conjugates (ADCs), and Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Therapies (CAR-T).  

DIMA Biotech’s Ranges

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