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For nearly two decades, Cell Sciences has been a worldwide provider of the highest quality antibodies, proteins and immunoassay kits available for use in life sciences research. They offer a wide range of products for research in human, non-human primate, and small and large animal models.

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Cell Sciences

LBP and related reagents
Cell Sciences® offers LBP monoclonal antibodies that do or do not inhibit binding of LPS to membrane-bound CD14 (Table 1). These antibodies may be paired to act as controls in assays measuring LPS activation of CD14 expressing cells. Furthermore, Cell Sciences® offers recombinant human or mouse LBP proteins that have been shown to mediate binding of LPS to membrane-bound CD14. ELISAs are also available to measure human and mouse soluble CD14, and several CD14 monoclonal antibody clones and recombinant proteins may be used study binding of LPS to CD14. Whatever your goals regarding the study of LBP, Cell Sciences® can provide you with high-quality reagents which meet your needs.

Table 1: LBP Product Family

Catalog No:Description
CKH113Human LBP Multispecies Reactive ELISA Kit
CML002Mouse Anti-Human LBP Clone biG 42 mAb†
CML003Mouse Anti-Human LBP Clone biG 48 mAb†
CML004Mouse Anti-Human LBP Clone biG 412 mAb*
CML007Mouse Anti-Human LBP Clone biG 43 mAb†
CPC402Rabbit Anti-Human LBP pAb
CML001Mouse Anti-Mouse LBP Clone biG 33 mAb*
CML005Mouse Anti-Mouse LBP Clone biG 35 mAb†
CPL105Rabbit Anti-Mouse LBP pAb
CRL701Recombinant Human LBP
CRL700Recombinant Mouse LBP
* Inhibits binding to CD14† Does not inhibit binding to CD14

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