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Bcell Design

Bcell Design’s platform is based on patented genetically modified mouse models secreting human chimeric antibodies.
Through this platform, IVD developers and manufacturers gain access to a wide range of monoclonal antibodies that are immediately ready for testing in human models.

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Bcell Design

2BScientific introduces Bcell Design, a supplier of monoclonal antibodies with a cutting-edge production technology. Their unique expertise sets them apart from the competition, allowing them to deliver human Fc monoclonal antibodies with exceptional reactivity, specificity, and stability. Quality assurance is at the core of our Bcell Design’s reagents, this is demonstrated by the way materials are purified through industrial in vitro cell culture processes, and each product undergoes rigorous quality controls, supported by Certificates of Analysis (CoA). They additionally achieved ISO9001 certification in 2024, further demonstrating their commitment to quality.

Uncompromising Commitment to Excellence

Bcell Design’s product offerings extend beyond the ordinary, providing a superior alternative to disease-state plasma. Additionally, they offer IgM, IgG, and IgA antibodies, each meticulously checked for sensitivity, specificity, and stability. Renowned manufacturers trust their monoclonal antibodies for use as positive controls, ensuring the reliability of their diagnostic applications. Services range from custom development to analytical characterisation, ensuring that our antibodies are tailored to the valued customers specific requirements.

Innovative Technology Platform

They additionally utilise a unique and patented platform built upon 15 years of expertise. Bcell Design’s genetically modified mouse models secrete human chimeric antibodies, offering IVD developers and manufacturers immediate access to a wide range of monoclonal antibodies ready for testing in human models. This platform maintains a single human isotype per mouse line, along with human Fc and the rest of their impressive immune catalogue.

Product Portfolio

Their antibodies have proven invaluable serve as an efficient and robust alternative to disease-state plasma. Additionally, IgA anti-CEA, has been instrumental in therapeutic development, particularly in mucosal cancer, secretory IgA, and oral immunotherapy. For those engaged in drug development, their monoclonal antibodies offer a powerful platform with a focus on safety, specificity, and therapeutic efficacy. Trust in Bcell Design to be your partner in advancing scientific and medical frontiers with cutting-edge monoclonal antibodies.

Bcell Design Development Process

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