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Quantum MESF and Simply Cellular

Introducing Quantum™ MESF and Quantum™ Simply Cellular® beads from Bangs Laboratories, now available from 2BScientific as external standards. They help researchers standardise the fluorescence intensity units that flow cytometers report using different software platforms. These beads are labelled with the same fluorochromes that are used for cell labeling so that they give a synchronous response to environmental conditions. The easy use of these beads is a plus for researchers as they can run them alongside samples on the same day with identical PMT and compensation settings in order to establish calibration curves simply and effectively. This calibration ensures determination of fluorescence signal expression in cell populations accurately— helping reproducibility while simplifying workflow by guaranteeing that experiments include consistent and reliable fluorescence measurements which contribute towards advanced precision and consistency in research outcomes.


Quantum™ Simply Cellular® (QSC) kits consist of five microsphere populations, each approximately 7-9µm in diameter. These include one blank population and four labelled populations with increasing amounts of antibody. Each labelled population binds a specific number of monoclonal antibodies, corresponding to its Antibody Binding Capacity (ABC) value. Researchers can additionally label QSC beads using the same antibodies used for staining cells.

To assist with determining cell expression levels and evaluating instrument linearity and detection threshold, each kit includes a free QuickCal® analysis template. Quantum™ Simply Cellular® kits are available in three sizes: A (20 tests), B (100 tests), and C (280 tests). For more detailed information on using these products, please take a look at the useful documents linked here!

Useful Documents for Understanding how Quantum Simply Cellular can improve your research!

Quantum™ Simply Cellular®

Antibody Titration Protocol

QSC & QMESF Tips and Techniques




Quantum™ MESF kits include one blank population and four fluorescent microsphere populations labelled with varying amounts of Alexa Fluor® 488, Alexa Fluor® 647, APC, or R-PE or five fluorescent microspheres for FITC. The fluorescence intensity is measured in Molecules of Soluble Fluorochrome (MESF) units, which are allocated by directly comparing fluorescence measurements from pure fluorochrome solutions with those from surface-labelled microspheres using the same fluorochrome.

Each kit comes with a free QuickCal® analysis template to assist in determining cell expression levels and evaluating instrument linearity and detection threshold. Quantum™ MESF kits are available in three sizes: 20 tests, 100 tests and 280 tests.