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Fibroblast-to-myofibroblast transition

Facilitate research into fibroblast-to-myofibroblast differentiation with Arigo Biolaboratories!

Fibroblast-to-myofibroblast transition (FMT) is the transdifferentiation of fibroblast to myofibroblast, a key effector cell for responding to repair, remodeling, and maintaining the extracellular matrix (ECM). FMT is involved in would healing, as well as in the pathogenesis of fibrotic diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, liver fibrosis, and atherosclerosis. Understanding the regulation of FMT may provide therapeutic opportunities from new insights for fibrotic diseases.

Arigo offer Myofibroblast/Fibrosis Antibody Panel (ARG30346), and Myofibroblast Differentiation Antibody Duo (ARG30322) to facilitate the research of myofibroblast transdifferentiation.

Myofibroblast / Fibrosis Antibody Panel

  • Includes myofibroblast marker alpha-SMA antibody
  • Includes antibodies against fibrotic proteins Collagen I and Fibronectin
  • Excellent for triple staining
  • Works on human, mouse and rat samples