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Ampersand Biosciences

Ampersand Biosciences are committed to understanding your research goals as well as you do. It’s how they deliver customised immunoassay kits and testing services that bring your science closer to market.

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Ampersand Biosciences

The relevance of Ampersand Biosciences’ product portfolio for research lies in their ability to provide reliable, high-quality immunoassay tools that enable scientists to conduct complex analyses with precision and efficiency. With their specialisation in immunoassay development and validation, they offer a wide range of Luminex-based cytokine assays, recombinant antibodies, and proteins that can ensure reproducible results to enhance research confidence for animal and human biomarker research.  

Ampersand’s range of products are particularly relevant for immunological research and disease modelling in less common model organisms like ferrets and hamsters which highlights the company’s commitment to supporting a wide range of animal research needs. 

Due to their multiplex assay expertise, Ampersand has newly developed ferret cytokine panels which are the first in the market, providing a crucial tool for evaluating immune responses to influenza and other respiratory diseases. Currently they are at the forefront of pre-clinical research with their exclusive hamster cytokine panels for COVID responses, the only ones available till date. 

To ensure complete reliability all Luminex kits are validated for cross reactivity, linearity, precision, and stability. New lots undergo bridging studies to ensure high quality lot-to-lot reproducibility. 

On the other hand, their recombinant antibodies and proteins expressed in HEK cells are rigorously validated prior to release. Recombinant antibodies are validated with native samples. These antibodies are fundamental for detecting specific proteins in cells and tissues of ferrets , hamsters and mouse. While the Recombinant proteins are validated using antibody assays and western blots. 

With their in-house capability, Ampersand Biosciences also offers custom Luminex assay developments in their secured facility located in Norther part of New York with most projects completed in 2 -4 months. The company provides sample testing services for Mouse, rat, hamster, canine, and human biomarker samples using validated assay and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) protocols. This service is valuable for researchers who require high-quality data for biomarker analysis in pre-clinical studies.

For any further information regarding Ampersand Biosciences product portfolio, reagents in general, or anything surrounding life science reagents for research, contact us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours! 

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