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Abnova is one the world's largest antibody manufacturer. They have the capacity of generating 300 mouse monoclonal antibodies and 200 rabbit polyclonal antibodies per month. Rather than the traditional method of antibody production, Abnova are taking a genomic/proteomic approach for the antibody development.
Their goal is to have at least one antibody to every human expressed gene in human genome. They manufacture all of their products, recombination proteins and antibodies in their state-of-the-art production and SPF animal facilities. They also have multiple clones for the monoclonal antibody, and their access is available to partners and collaborators from the academic institutions and industry. Abnova has a great range of Monoclonal Antibodies, amongst many other Life Science Products

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2BScientific proudly presents Abnova, a global leader in antibody development, renowned for its innovative genomic/proteomic procedures. They manufacture a vast array of products, including recombinant proteins and antibodies. Abnova's ground-breaking genomic/proteomic approach to antibody development and its extensive product catalogue, including 90,000 antibodies and 22,000 proteins, offer invaluable benefits to a spectrum of researchers.

Abnova have an innovative approach to antibody development, the company employs a genomic/proteomic methodology, setting it apart from traditional production methods. Abnova operates cutting-edge facilities, including state-of-the-art production and Specific Pathogen-Free (SPF) animal facilities.

The company is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality recombinant proteins and antibodies. Abnova utilise multiple clones for monoclonal antibodies, providing partners and collaborators from both academic institutions and the industry access to a vast collection of over 90,000 antibodies. This extensive catalogue not only reflects the company's dedication to diversity but also positions Abnova as a pivotal player in supporting research across various scientific domains.

Abnova's commitment to cost efficiency makes it an ideal partner for teams with budget constraints, collectively advancing genomics, proteomics, and related research endeavours.

90,000 Antibodies

22,000 Proteins

8,000 ELISA/Assay Kits

1,300 FISH/CISH Probes

14,000 Others

Abnova's Ranges

With a commitment to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and collaboration, Abnova plays a crucial role in advancing scientific exploration across genomics, proteomics, and related fields, facilitating breakthroughs in understanding human genes and proteins.

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