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PCR SYBR Green and TaqMan Detection Reagents

TaqMan and SYBR Green are powerful and essential PCR techniques. TaqMan uses specific probes for target detection, while SYBR Green binds non-specifically to DNA, emitting fluorescence during amplification. Both methods are widely used in PCR for tasks like gene expression analysis and pathogen detection.

SYBR Green and TaqMan PCR techniques often pair in research and diagnostics, with overlapping applications across a range of fields. An example of these methods includes working in tandem is gene expression analysis and biomarker detection, SYBR Green PCR offers a cost-effective initial screening, followed by TaqMan PCR for precise quantification and validation. Similarly, in the fields of microbial detection and oncology, SYBR Green PCR is used for broad screening, while TaqMan PCR enables accurate quantification of specific targets. Additionally, both techniques play crucial roles in epigenetics studies, pharmacogenomics, and personalised medicine, with SYBR Green PCR providing screening capabilities and TaqMan PCR offering precise quantification for informed decision-making. This integrated approach allows researchers to address complex questions and diagnostic challenges effectively.


SYBR Green Dye

Fluorescent Probes

How they work?

Binds to double-stranded DNA during PCR.

Probes attach to target DNA, releasing signal.


Affordable, detects DNA easily even in low concentrations.

Specific to target, allowing precise quantification.


May lead to non-specific detection, requires careful primer design.

Expensive, demands specific probes for each target.


Variable, reliant on primer design and analysis.

High specificity due to probe-target hybridisation.

Copy numbers

Signal intensity varies with DNA mass.

Accurate quantification, especially for high copy numbers (>10).


Cost-effective option for routine PCR.

Higher cost due to probe specificity requirements.

Detection Dye

Utilises SYBR Green dye.

Employs TaqMan reporter and quencher system.

If you're seeking a cost-effective and versatile option for nucleic acid detection without the need for specific probes, SYBR Green is your choice. Its straightforward preparation and broad applicability make it a go-to method for research. In contrast, TaqMan offers high specificity, precise quantification, and lower risk of nonspecific binding, making it suitable for demanding applications with minimal background noise. Depending on your experimental requirements, both SYBR Green and TaqMan provide act as powerful tools for PCR-based assays and are available from 2BScientific!

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