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The Shift to Serum-Free Media in Cell Culture

The Shift to Serum-Free Media in Cell Culture

In light of the new stringent UK regulation for animal derived serum media, there has been a great number of changes in the Cell Culture Media space for the development of Serum-Free Medium (SFM), offering a more consistent and controlled environment for cell growth. To avoid stringent customs checks and eliminate the variability and ethical concerns associated with the use of animal-derived serum, 2BScientific have been focusing their portfolio to offer a range of Serum Free Media for a wide variety of Primary Cell Cultures and Stem Cell cultures.

Understanding Serum-Free Media

Serum-free medium is a type of cell culture media that does not contain animal serum. Instead, it is formulated with defined components necessary for the growth and maintenance of specific cell types. SFM offers a more consistent and controlled environment for cell culture, which is crucial for reproducible results and downstream applications.

The benefits of using serum-free media are manyfold:

Increased Consistency: One of the most significant advantages of SFM is the reduction in variability. Serum is a complex mixture of proteins, growth factors, and hormones, which can vary from batch to batch. This variability can affect experimental outcomes. SFM, being precisely defined, offers more consistent performance.

Easier Downstream Processing: The absence of serum in the media simplifies the purification process of proteins and other products derived from cell cultures. This is particularly important in the production of therapeutic proteins and vaccines, where purity is paramount.

Enhanced Cell Growth and Productivity: 

Reduced Risk of ContaminationSerum can carry viruses and other pathogens that pose a risk of contamination. SFM reduces this risk, making it a safer option for cell culture.

Safety: Serum-free media reduce the risk of contamination with pathogens or immunogenic substances that could affect experimental outcomes or pose safety concerns in clinical applications.

Ethical Considerations: The use of serum-free media aligns with the 3Rs principle (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement) in animal research, reducing the reliance on animal-derived products.

As the demand for biologically produced materials continues to grow and as the development of 3D organoid takes the forefront in cell culturing, the importance of SFM in research and industry will undoubtedly increase. To support the change, 2BScientific works collaboratively with its highly reliable suppliers, like Atagenix, Cell Biologics, Cosmo Bio, and Creative Bioarray, to offer a wide range of Serum-Free Medium that enhance your cell culture needs. 


AtagenixHEK TF



Cell BiologicsSerum- Free Cell Culture Medium w/ Kit (M5567SF)

Serum-Free Endothelial Cell Medium /w Kit (M1168SF)

Serum-Free Endothelial Cell Medium /w Kit (M1266SF)

Serum-Free Epithelial Cell Medium Kit (M6621SF)

Serum-Free Epithelial Cell Medium Kit (H6621SF)

Serum-Free Fibroblast Medium /w Kit (M2267SF)

Serum-Free Human Endothelial Cell Medium /w Kit (H1168SF)

Serum-Free Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium /w Kit (M5566SF)

Serum-Free Monkey Endothelial Cell Medium /w Kit (MK1168SF)

Serum-Free Skeletal Muscle Cell Medium /w Kit (M1261SF)

Serum-Free Smooth Muscle Cell Medium /w Kit (M2268SF)
Cosmo BioKBM ADSC-5 Serum-Free Media for Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Serum-Free Medium for Human Dermal Fibroblasts

Neural Stem Cell Kit (KJN-16050200)
SuperCult Ufib Serum-Free Medium Complete Kit

SuperCult Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium-serum Free

SuperCult Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth Medium Kit