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2BScientific and the Environment

2BScientific has always aimed at being a company that not only provides the best possible customer experience to its vast array of research colleagues, but to do it in a way that is responsible towards the environment within which we all exist.

We have always tried our utmost to do as much as we possibly can in a sustainable and accountable manner.

This zeal has led us on a pioneering mission in the Life Science industry in becoming one of the foremost entities to become Carbon Neutral and on a pathway to increasing our efforts to reduce carbon emissions in general. As part of our off-setting programme we are at present sponsoring bee re-population schemes in Kenya, a project to re-plant trees in UK and community bore-well projects in East Africa. We are hopeful that these schemes have long term effects to their local environments and help the sustainability for the wider region.

The British Beekeepers Association

This has been a journey that started with our inception in 2009 when we started donating to the British Bee-Keeper’s Association for every order placed with us and were the first in our industry to be their Corporate Sponsors and a conduit to spreading their messages and incentives to try and increase the bee population in UK. This association with bee nurturers and researchers developed further where we have sponsored research into bee both at the Food and Environmental Research Agency and through the MRC. Through this type of exposure to such an integral part of daily life and living we became aware of the stark requirement for a greater involvement in these matters, at which point we started an ongoing relationship with the internationally focussed Bees for Development charity – specialising in alleviating poverty through bee-keeping. Further, we have also sponsored local hives in the Oxfordshire area, a region of the UK that has a high proportion of farming land and so heavily reliant on a healthy bee population for its local economy. In part this has been to educate where a local beekeeper blogs about the status of the hive through all the seasons and we have also bought honey straight from the hive to give a taste and much needed exposure amongst our customer base.

The British Beekeepers Association

We tried to extend this essence of sustainability through a pioneering ice-pack recycling scheme where we offered our customers the ability to send back excess ice packs sent in our packages, if they did not have a need for them. We were so overwhelmed by the response, due to a lack of such an outlet, that we were able to assist in the clearance of many a storage facility completely overflowing with ice packs. We had to limit this facility after a while due to our own H&S considerations at our facility, however we do feel very proud to have encouraged other suppliers to follow in a similar suit since then. We do also encourage our customer base to always try and consolidate their orders through the vast range of suppliers / manufacturers from where we can source, thereby reducing overall packaging, courier miles and potentially saving money through our multi-buy schemes.

As part of our corporate responsibility we have also thought it necessary to make sure all of our supply lines are free of any modern day slave practices and so we are part of the Slave-Free Alliance which is a part of the charity, Hope for Justice. Through this scheme we request that all of our suppliers not only give us the assurance that they operate in a Slave-Free environment, but to also make sure that their own supply chains are similarly compliant. We do not take on a supplier who does not comply with this request. We do make regular visits to our suppliers to make sure on this, as best we can.

We think the anyone’s environments are intrinsically as a part of them and we do undertake to be as responsible as we can to the environments we are in and those we embark upon.