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With a mission to be ‘your gene company’, OriGene Technologies offers a complete portfolio of research tools and technology platforms to support gene-based research. The company’s flagship product is its cDNA clone collection, a searchable gene bank of over 30,000 human full-length TrueClone® cDNA clones and over 25,000 TrueORF cDNA clones. This is complemented by mammalian expressed proteins and antibodies, vectors, and other essential gene expression products such as RNAi tools, CRISPR gene editing tools, and qPCR reagents.

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With such a broad offering, we can usually suggest an OriGene Technologies product to suit any research requirement, however we’ve noticed areas of especial interest among 2BScientific customers to be immune checkpoints, allergic diseases, ion channels, protein kinases, Zika virus, cancer biomarkers, and stem cells. OriGene Technologies’ anatomic pathology products are also highly popular, particularly the TissueScan™ qPCR arrays for differential gene expression profiling and tissue microarrays for multiplex histological analysis.

A question our customers frequently ask concerns the difference between OriGene Technologies’ TrueClone® and TrueORF cDNA clones. TrueClones® are untagged cDNA clones with native stop codons, with the majority intended for transient overexpression in mammalian cells. In contrast, TrueORFs are more engineered, consisting of only the coding sequence in a vector designed to add C-terminal Myc-DDK tags on the expressed protein. We typically suggest TrueORFs to researchers lacking a good antibody against the target protein, those requiring easy protein purification, or customers wishing to make stable cell lines.

Where a catalogue product is unavailable, we’re happy to endorse OriGene Technologies’ custom service offerings. These include cDNA cloning, Lentivirus production, protein expression, antibody development, CRISPR cloning, and shRNA custom services.

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