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Isca Biochemicals

Isca Biochemicals offers a custom peptide synthesis service and a catalogue of high-quality peptides and small molecules for life science, consisting of biochemical standards and novel research products for use in pre-clinical research. Their range consists of products for signal transduction, pain research, appetite regulation, endocrinology, neuroscience, immunology, and cancer research. By product type, they have antimicrobial peptides, biotin labelled peptides, cell penetrating peptides, fluorescent labelled peptides, substrate peptides, myelin peptides and peptoids. Their catalogue is driven by the continual introduction of innovative products from the literature, many of which are exclusive to us, and continues to expand with Their products being cited by researchers worldwide and appearing regularly in high impact journals. They have state of the art peptide synthesis facilities and long synthetic experience, and their custom service synthesis service specialises in difficult and otherwise unobtainable peptides. They can make peptides with a wide and increasing range of modifications including N-terminal, C-terminal and side-chain modifications, multiple disulphide bridges, fluorescent labels, D-amino acid, and stable isotope incorporation, biotinylation, glycosylation, post translational modifications, PEGylation and more.

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Isca Biochemicals
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