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2BScientific recognises the importance of veterinary science not just for the use of animal models as analogues of human illness, but also for the understanding and treatment of illnesses and diseases of animals in their own right.

Veterinary studies and research are invaluable to both the pet owner and the pet, as healthcare has provided millions of pets with a better quality of life as well as increasing life expectancy. There are a range of veterinary-specific antibodies, antigens, ELISA kits and immunohistochemistry elements that lead to the appropriate treatment of animals.

2BScientific offers a wide range of commercially available kits that streamline animal research. Kits available include ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), LFA (lateral flow assay), qPCR (quantitative PCR). The highly sensitive nature of these pre-optimised kits, and their methodologies result in researchers obtaining more accurate, reliable, and valid results.

ELISA tests are simple to perform and deliver quantitative data for even low abundance targets. ELISA format can vary depending on the nature of the target molecule, sandwich ELISAs are often chosen to analyse complex samples and competitive ELISA is often more suitable to detect very small analytes.Lateral flow assays can be used in order to routinely diagnose a plethora of infections commonly found in animals. LFAs require a small quantity of material, which once added, migrates along the test strip, demonstrating a quick and clear result. This is accomplished via a test band with immobilised antibodies, if specific antigens are present, the band will show a positive result.qPCR has a wide range of applications in animal research.  Using a fluorescent reporter molecule to monitor the progress of DNA amplification, it delivers real-time, quantitative analysis of gene expression. More comprehensive qPCR kits allow for the monitoring of a biomarker to diagnose disease.

Veterinary antibodies are essential for a range of investigative techniques to ensure an accurate diagnosis or provide accurate research. This encompasses methods such as Western blotting (WB), immunocytochemistry (ICC), immunohistochemistry (IHC), ELISA and immunoprecipitation (IP), as well as techniques such as LFA, immuno-PCR and a variety of in vivo studies. As they have in other fields of biological sciences and research, recombinant antibodies have had a tremendous impact by providing a guaranteed supply, improved sensitivity, and confirmed specificity.

Proteins have many utilities within animal research and investigation. These can be administered as functional molecules that support cell growth, positive controls in assays or as reagents to facilitate detection. Additionally, proteins are used as essential blocking agents in techniques such as IHC or immunocytochemistry. This is because they function to minimise background staining, therefore making the subject easier to analyse once stained.

Additionally, peptides are frequently used as immunogens (B-cell generating) or as controls in techniques such as ELISA, while tagged proteins are widely exploited for detection. Since human and veterinary proteins can exhibit key differences, it is often necessary to use veterinary proteins for veterinary research.

A wide range of products are available to facilitate animal research. These include optimised reagents to support the study of animal diseases; kits designed to rapidly detect infection; and products to allow comparative analysis of targets of interest in animal and human sample material. Other essential tools include animal sera, milk and colostrum; animal immunoglobulins; and various primers and probes to amplify and detect animal DNA.

2BScientific has partnered with AlphaDiagnostics, ExAlpha / Nordic Mubio and VMRD to provide customers with a wide range of in-vitro diagnostic products. These suppliers are consistently and reliably providing a range of in-vitro diagnostic-related products.

2BScientific is passionate about ensuring that customers get the precise, required product and have a friendly and knowledgeable team ready to answer any technical queries. We have a wide range of products focused on antibodiesantibody test kits and antigens.