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Stem Cells

The three major characteristics which distinguish stem cells from other cell types are their ability to self-renew and proliferate via cell division, the fact that they are unspecialised, and their capacity to be induced into any cell type under specific physiologic or experimental conditions.

While embryonic stem cells are, as the name suggests, derived from embryos, adult stem cells are found amongst differentiated cells within a tissue or organ, where they perform essential maintenance and repair functions. Stem cells have a wide variety of potential research applications, including their use to replace damaged cells, as a source of large numbers of specialised cells for testing new pharmaceuticals, and to study the development of complex organisms.

2BScientific offers a range of innovative stem cell research products, including stem cell lines, cellular matrices, stem cell markers and more.

Cellular Matrices

One of the greatest challenges in stem cell research is the provision of appropriate culture conditions. 2BScientific is proud to supply HyStem® Hydrogel kits from BioTime, a range of extracellular matrix kits based on hyaluronic acid, a component which is abundant in embryos and the stem cell microenvironment.

These kits have flexibility for both 2D and 3D cell growth, and can easily be customised to fit the needs of specific research studies. For example, the HyStem® Hydrogel kits allow simultaneous delivery of cells, growth factors and drugs.

We also offer 3D cell culture products from CosmoBio, including VECELL® 3D cell culture plates, and polymers such as chitosan nanofiber, alginate and collagen.

The VECELL® 3D cell culture plates allow researchers to more closely replicate in vivo growth conditions, while the polymers are high quality, easy to use products.

Stem Cell Markers

The surface receptors of stem cells are biologically unique from those of other cell types, and can be used for identification and characterisation.

Cancer stem cell markers differ from those of normal stem cells, and can be exploited as a therapeutic target. 2BScientific offers a range of stem cell marker antibodies.

These include the BioLite™ range from BioTime for staining normal stem cells, as well as cancer stem cell markers from Cosmo Bio.

Small Molecules

Small molecules are essential tools for understanding stem cell growth and regulation. 2BScientific offers a variety of small molecule products from BioTime, all of which have been extensively tested to ensure high purity, biological activity and stability.

These include the well-known compounds Dorsomorphin, Forskolin and Thiazovivin.

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