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ImmPACT[R] AEC Substrate, Peroxidase (HRP)

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About this Product
Additional Names:
Enzyme Substrates [Enzyme Substrates ] Precipitating HRP Substrate, Horseradish Peroxidase substrate
Immunohistochemistry, IHC-Frozen, IHC-Paraffin, Immunocytochemistry, ELISPOT, FLUOROSPOT
Extra Details:
AEC (3-amino-9-ethylcarbazole) and ImmPACT[TM] AEC HRP Substrates both produce red reaction products that can be used as a single label or as a second color for multiple antigen labeling. AEC and ImmPACT[TM] AEC chromogens can be used for both manual and automated staining methods. Stained slides must be aqueously mounted because these reaction products are soluble in organic solvents. Sections stained with AEC are stable for at least 4 years when mounted in VectaMount[TM] AQ (H-5501).

This product utilizes Vector Laboratories novel ImmPACT[TM] technology to generate a crisper, brighter red reaction product that is 3-5 times more sensitive than conventional AEC substrates such as AEC Substrate Kit (SK-4200). This product consists of 120 ml of diluent and concentrated stock solutions of ImmPACT[TM] AEC reagents in convenient dropper bottles. This substrate formulation can be used on nylon or PVDF membranes but is not recommended for use on nitrocellulose membranes. Working solutions are stable for up to 14 days at 47° C.


  • 2-4 fold greater sensitivity than original substrate kit
  • Optimized for IHC/ICC/ISH and blots
  • Aqueous mounting
  • Suitable for single and multiple labeling
  • Working solution stable for up to 14 days at 4 °C
  • One year expiry date
  • Supplied as 120 ml of diluent and stock solutions in dropper bottles
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    Storage Conditions:
    2-8 [o]C
    Vector Laboratories
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