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2BScientific Ltd will be very honoured to meet you. We will be at the following exhibitions and conferences in 2020:

EMERGE Webinar Episode 3: Dr Julia Robbins, University of Washington, Seattle

Online Webinar

Controls for Quantitative Proteomics AKA How to Mass Spec Responsibly.

Julia attended the University of Washington, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from 2013-2018. She joined the MacCoss Lab in January of 2018, where her work focuses on the application of quantitative proteomics to investigate neurodegenerative and aging-related disease in mice models and humans, with an emphasis on developing robust and high-throughput methods of sample preparation and data acquisition.

The presentation will focus on the application of rigorous controls in quantitative proteomics to actively assess and validate the integrity of experimental methods and quality of data.

Connect on Coronavirus: webinars

Online Webinar

The British Society for Immunology has developed this series of webinars ‘Connecting on coronavirus: the expert hub’ to provide immunologists with a platform to keep informed with the latest developments on the Coronavirus outbreak by sharing relevant and timely information from expert sources. We’re in an unprecedented crisis in which constant global relief efforts result in around the clock activity. Now more than ever, we need to keep up to date and stay connected within the immunology community.

Available throughout the year!

COVID-19 vaccine conversations: effective ways of engaging with the public

Online Webinar

With COVID-19 vaccine rollout now underway, there has never been a more important time for researchers to engage with the public around vaccination by listening and addressing common questions and concerns. BSI members and the wider research community are ideally placed to be expert sources of knowledge in these dialogues. Getting started in these conversations can seem daunting but this webinar will give you the tools you need to approach them in a constructive way and generate productive interactions.

Availabe throughout the year !

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