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Custom Proteomics

- Protein Expression and Purification
- Peptide Synthesis
- Custom Peptide Libraries

Our custom proteomics partner labs come with multiple years of experience of supplying into the UK and European Life Science market and a great reputation for excellence and quality.

  • Custom Recombinant Protein Expression - 
    • Expression system available
    • Guaranteed Risk-Free manufacture - no protein, no charge
    • 39 kinds of tags meeting different demands
    • Secondary AKTA-SEC purification to ensure high purity
    • Ability to achieve large-scale protein production up to 200 mg
    • Post-purification services available: Desalting, aliquot, endotoxin removal, aseptic process and lyophilisation
    • Minimum Final Deliverables - Purified protein (> 85%), 
      Standard COA report as well as datasheet, including tag information, molecule weight, electrophoretic parameters, protein expression quantity, concentration, purity, SDS-PAGE
  • Protein Sequencing - de novo antibody protein sequencing service, by combining mass-spectrometry with high-accuracy de novo peptide sequencing and assembly of overlapping peptides, the amino acid sequences of the variable domains are determined. As part of the service a comprehensive sequencing report with full sequence coverage is provided. please email us for more information at
  • Recombinant Protein Production in Your Stable Cell Line - Our partners at InVivo Bioscience have successfully expressed and purified various types of recombinant mammalian proteins from client's stable cell lines such as antigens, enzymes, recombinant and biomarkers.
  • Stable CHO Cell Pool and Cell Line Development
  • Protein on Demand Semi-Custom Recombinant Proteins - In need of small-scale recombinant proteins that are customized with the tag and expression system that will accelerate your research, but lack the time and resources to make it yourself? We provide the ideal solution with Protein on Demand semi-custom recombinant proteins. With a catalog of over 300,000 protein targets across a wide variety of species. 

    Protein on Demand allows you to semi-customize the tag and expression system usedto produce your protein and order quantities as small as 50 μg. Whether you need a protein for: protein interaction studies, western blotting, ELISAs, or protein arrays, Protein on Demand has the unique recombinant protein you need to succeed.

    • Ease of Use: Obtain proteins unique to your research without acquiring the equipment or resources necessary for producing your own proteins.
    • Affordability: Customized proteins without the cost of traditional custom protein productionservice providers.
    • Scalability: Order protein amounts as little as 50 μg, 100 μg, or up to 1 mg. No large-scale minimum order requirements.

Customising your protein is easy!

To place an order or to obtain a quote, please email us at