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Custom Peptide Synthesis

- Hundreds of Peptides
- Highly Customisable
- High Quality Control

Our custom peptide synthesis service offers high-quality, reliable and cost-effective products to support your research.  We have unrivalled expertise in the synthesis of complex, constrained and other special peptides and our scientists are happy to assist in selecting the most appropriate peptide specification for your application.  

Contact us for:

• Fast and personal consultation by experienced peptide chemists

• Rapid order processing and quick turnaround times

• Robust and fully optimised synthesis and purification

• Timely delivery with worldwide shipping


We can synthesise difficult peptides (greater than 100 amino acids) and peptides with a wide and increasing range of amino acid modifications including N-terminal, C-terminal and side-chain modifications, multiple disulphide bridges, fluorescent labels, lipidation, D-amino acid and heavy isotope incorporation, biotinylation, glycosylation, post translational modifications, PEGylation and more. Standard peptides are routinely provided as free N-terminal amines and C-terminal acids.

A typical custom synthesis peptide run will yield between 5 – 50 mg of the peptide in question, depending upon the number of amino acids and complexity of the product.  Turnaround time for a peptide synthesis is typically 1-3 weeks but may be longer for peptides over 60 amino acids, those with difficult modifications or if TFA removal, or non-routine analysis is required.  We have capacity for larger scale synthesis and are able to provide multi-gram quantities.  

Purity levels

Standard catalogue peptide purity is >95% but this level is not always required for custom peptides.  The majority of peptides are in freeze dried form and will contain counter ions and physically bound water as a result of cleavage from resin, hplc and drying. These counter ions have no effect on the biochemical properties of the peptide but do reduce the mass of peptide present in a given sample, usually to >70%. This can be confirmed by further analysis.  Please let us know your purity specifications at the outset of a project to make sure we provide the most appropriate product for your requirements. 


Peptide and biochemical purity is assessed using an array of techniques including HPLC, NMR, microanalysis, high voltage electrophoresis, TLC, and mass spectrometry as appropriate.  All data is kept on file and available on request.

Peptides purified by reversed phase HPLC or ion exchange chromatography have their purity given as the area under the curve of the major peak when analysed at a specific wavelength, usually 230nm.

Mass spectroscopy analysis is performed to in order to confirm the identity of the final product and the mass analysis is supplied with the peptide.

Amino acid analysis can be provided as an additional service to determine peptide composition, and can also be used to determine net peptide if required.

Microanalysis may also be provided as an additional service, and can also be used to determine net peptide.  Please discuss this option at the start of the project if microanalysis will be required.

To order or get a quote, please contact us:


Our custom peptide synthesis partner is able to synthesize any kinds of peptides from 2 to 100+ amino acids with a 99% purity rate. They offer a wide range of modifications. They also have state of the art Peptide Library Synthesis for hundreds of peptides.

Individual Peptide Synthesis

Our partner can synthesize peptides from 2 to 120 aa, mg to multi-grams at various purity grade.  Various modifications are available:

Conjugations possible at various positions (click-chemistry, amide bond, thioether bond…:

  • Fluorescent labelling: Cy, Alexa, FTIC, TAMRA, ATTO, BHQ, HRP, AP
  • Biotin labeling
  • Chelators (DOTA, NOTA…)
  • Cytotoxic payloads (MMAE, Doxo…)
  • Carrier proteins: KLH / BSA / OVA / CRM
  • Maleimide
  • Spacers : PEGn, Ahx, …
  • Lipids : palmitic, myristic…

Incorporation of modified amino acids:

  • D-amino acids
  • Phosphorylated Tyr, Thr, Ser
  • Heavy isotope AA: 13C / 15N labeling
  • Orn, Dap, Dab, Cit, Nva, K(Me), K(Ac), ADMA, SDMA, norArg…
  • Customized AA


  • Disulfide bridges: 1 to 5
  • Constrained structure: cyclic or bicyclic peptides
  • Head-to-tail cyclization
  • Lactam bridges


Peptide Library Synthesis
Our partner has the technology to synthesize 96 complex peptides in parallel and offers various grades of quality controls.

  • Hundreds of Peptides - 1 to 5 mg unpurified (desalted) Ideal size 5 to 20aa, up to 60.
  • Highly customizableOptions - Heavy isotope labeling, TFA removal,Extremity capping, Special AA..  Format - Lyophilized or in solution, In microtubes or in plates, Plate or tube replications possible, Sample mixing at predefined molarity.
  • 3 quality control levels 100% LC-MS, 5% LC MS + 95% MS, 5% of samples tested in MS
  • In Silico Pre Selection - SB-Peptide has developed a proprietary predictive tool to screen and select easiest sequences to be synthesized.

To order or get a quote, please contact us here: