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Focus Biomolecules

Focus Biomolecules was founded by former members of globally recognised BIOMOL. From their industry experience they set out to refine the practices of small molecule based life sciences companies and eliminate the challenges too often found by customers. With more than 24 years in the industry, they offer advanced, high quality reagents and a fresh, customer oriented experience.

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Focus Biomolecules
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Essential Biochemicals for Bioprocessing


Focus Biomolecules offer a broad portfolio of cutting-edge biochemicals with specific utility in bio-processing. Their bioprocessing agents will allow you control cell selection, growth, and function which will maximize protein expression, yield, glycosylation, integrity and minimize degredation, both upstream and downstream. Key product groups include:

Antibiotics & Antifungals Cell cycle modulators Ionophores
Cofactors & Coenzymes Glycosylation inhibitors Selection & Amplification reagents
Apoptosis & Autophagy Modulators Protease inhibitors Differentiation agents
Cell growth modulators Protein expression modulators Stem Cell Effectors


These products can be used to establish conditions during early stage assessment and upstream process development, to ensure optimization at every step. These include chemically defined medium design, feed/supplement selection, expression host selection, lead candidate production, process optimization, scaleup and validation.

Below is just a selection of our bioprocessing chemicals. You won't see these listed with other bioprocessing suppliers, because these are on the cutting-edge for controlling protein titer, post-translational modification, and other critical parameters. Ask us for our full product listing, which includes our comprehensive offering of bioprocessing products along with literature references and other useful information.

Product Name Mechanism Bioprocessing Effect Category
Rosmarinic acid Antioxidant (ROS scavenger) Increases recombinant protein production:
Reduces glycation and formation of acidic
charge variants
Protein production/
Bafilomycin A1 Autophagy inhibitor
(Vacuolar H+ -ATPase inhibitor)
Increases recombinant protein expression
in cells
Protein production/
Prostaglandin E2 Promotes proliferation (EP4
receptor activator)
Increases cell specific productivity Protein production/
Aphidicolin Cell cycle arrest (DNA polymerase
Enhances transfection efficiency Protein production/
Coenzyme A Cofactor (Essential) Essential for many metabolism pathways Cell growth and
7-alpha Hydroxy-c\
Building block (Essential) Improved cell function results in higher
protein expression levels in some cell
Cell growth and
Mycophenolicacid Fucosylation modulator Retention of essential post-translational modification on therapeutic protein Therapeutic
protein integrity
Trichostatin A HDAC inhibitor (Reduces epi-
genetic transcriptional repression)
Increases recombinant protein expression Protein production/
Brefeldin A Intracellular transport inhibitor Modulates protein titre and integrity Scaleup and
Improves transfection; increases
cell specific productivity; fine tunes
Modulates protein titre and integrity Scaleup and