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KACTUS Biosystems

KACTUS specializes in design and manufacturing of high-purity, high-activity, recombinant protein and enzyme products for a range of fields including antibody drug discovery, immunotherapy, gene therapy, and mRNA therapeutics. Our catalog selection of 2500+ ready-made recombinant proteins includes various targets, species, tags, and labels. We carefully select our catalog products based on the unmet needs of scientists in drug development. Approval of each protein is based on product quality and reliability of supply.

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KACTUS Biosystems

KACTUS is the pioneering source for Claudin 18.2, offering the first entry into the market. They also provide biotinylated variants of this product, ideal for various applications such as ELISA, Western Blot, and Immunocytochemistry.

SAMS™, (Structure Aided Design & Multiplex Screening Protein Engineering & Expression Optimisation Platform), offers convenience, affordability, and consistent communication for custom projects. KACTUS is dedicated to providing high-quality, bioactive, and consistent proteins with a focus on timely delivery, particularly for challenging targets.

SAMS™ utilises high-throughput protein engineering and expression screening to ensure high activity and purity, making it the ideal solution for addressing these challenges. KACTUS's custom recombinant protein production services encompass a variety of difficult-to-express proteins, including MHC Complexes, VLP-Displayed Antigens, CRISPR Enzymes, and more.

The approach combines bioinformatics, 3D modelling, and expression testing to identify optimal protein configurations, prioritising natural protein structures, yield, and bioactivity. Rigorous testing in multiple settings ensures suitability for your specific application. Let KACTUS’s SAMS™