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Back to blog Could Immunohistochemistry 🐝 any easier?

Could Immunohistochemistry 🐝 any easier?

Buy an LSBio IHC-plus™ or PathPlus™ antibody with a Vector Laboratories’ complete IHC detection kit and get a FREE ImmEDGE hydrophobic barrier pen. 

Experiments can have an awful lot of variables that need to be controlled to ensure success, reproducibility and reliability. With long methods like IHC, there’s numerous steps which can each affect the results. But, we know that you want to be analysing results, not troubleshooting!

Whilst all experiments need some optimisation, having reagents known to work well together can cut the down the optimisation time considerably. LSBio use Vector Laboratories’ reagents in their validation process for IHC and to confirm optimal primary antibody dilutions for their IHC-plus™ and PathPlus™ antibody ranges.

With our expert knowledge of Vector Laboratories reagents, we’re offering a quick start bundle with the Vector Plus kits, which contain all the reagents needed for IHC detection*. Just choose the right species for your primary antibody and tissue.

Included in all Vector Plus Kits:-

  • BLOXALL® Endogenous HRP & AP Blocking solution
  • Normal Serum for protein blocking
  • Antibody detection reagents:- ImmPRESS or ABC
  • ImmPACT DAB EqV substrate

The Plus kits are all pre diluted reagents, for maximum convenience and ensuring reproducibility. 

The complete kits are a cost effective way to buy all the reagents needed for a small project (75-150 slides for ImmPRESS, or 250- 500 slides for the VECTASTAIN Elite), but the reagents are also available separately and can be bought in larger sizes enabling scaling up and flexibility.

2BScientific also offer in house technical support on these products from the UK, so if you need help choosing or in the unlikely event you have any problems, we’re on hand for troubleshooting in a European-friendly time zone.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss detection options we’re here to help! Just e-mail 

* Antigen unmasking solution not included and may be required for FFPE tissues.