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Enzo Life Sciences

Enzo Life Sciences has been a leader in innovation and product development to support a diverse range of needs in biomedical research and healthcare for over 45 years.
With a comprehensive portfolio of 20,000 high-quality products including antibodies, genomic probes, assays, biochemicals, and proteins, Enzo supports the work of academic research centers and industry partners who are shaping the future of healthcare around the world.
The company’s proprietary products and technologies play central roles in all areas of translational research and drug development, including genomic analysis, protein analysis, cellular analysis, tissue analysis, and small molecule chemistry.
Enzo has a broad and deep intellectual property portfolio, with patent coverage across a number of key enabling technologies.

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Enzo Life Sciences

Enzo p16 and AMPIVIEW™ HPV High-Risk RNA Probes

Detection of p16 (red) and HPV High-Risk nucleic acid (brown) detected at the same time in one tissue specimen with Enzo p16 antibody (ENZ-ABS707) and AMPIVIEW™ HPV High-Risk (Dig) RNA Probes detected with POLYVIEW® PLUS AP/HRP and HIGHDEF® Red AP and DAB IHC chromogens.


LoopRNA™ ISH Technology, a proprietary platform developed by Enzo, represents a breakthrough in Molecular Biology and Diagnostics. It plays a pivotal role in elevating the sensitivity of RNA probes, making it a seamless fit within Enzo's AMPIVIEW RNA probe portfolio. These AMPIVIEW RNA probes, bolstered by LoopRNA™ ISH technology, offer unparalleled capabilities. They enable the visualisation of nucleic acids at the single-cell level, rivaling the sensitivity of PCR. These probes provide exceptional specificity while offering design flexibility, catering to various DNA and RNA targets. Detection of AMPIVIEW RNA probes is facilitated through Biotin or Digoxigenin loops, easily identifiable using Enzo's dedicated detection reagents like SAVIEW® PLUS and POLYVIEW® PLUS.


PROTEOSTAT® dye, developed as an improvement over Thioflavin T (ThT), specifically targets protein aggregates by intercalating into their characteristic β-sheet structure. It's used to study stress-induced protein aggregation, offering insights into various aggregation states and conditions.

PROTEOSTAT® solutions include the Protein Aggregation Assay Kit, designed for detecting protein aggregates in solution, the Thermal Shift Stability Assay Kit, used to optimise protein stability based on aggregation temperature, and the Aggresome Detection Kit, which allows for monitoring protein aggregation in cells. Application notes demonstrate its utility in assessing aggregation in antibody-drug conjugates and its compatibility with common buffer reagents. PROTEOSTAT® stands out for its brightness compared to other dyes, superior sensitivity in detecting low percentages of aggregates, and extensive validation with various proteins. It's a trusted tool for high-throughput protein characterisation and formulation studies, and has received over 200 citations.

PROTEOSTAT® Advantages

  • Brighter than other dyes (e.g., Thioflavin T (ThT), Congo Red).

  • Detects low % of aggregates in concentrated samples (significantly more sensitive than ThT).

  • Compatible with reagents commonly used in buffer formulations, including detergents.

  • Extensively benchmarked with antibodies and validated with a wide variety of proteins.

  • High-throughput solutions for the characterisation of a protein, its propensity to aggregate, and formulation studies.

  • More than 200 citations for the PROTEOSTAT® range of products.


CELLESTIAL® is an advanced live cell dye that revolutionises cell biology research. Its superior photostability guarantees consistent fluorescent signals throughout extended experiments, providing researchers with reliable and reproducible results. CELLESTIAL® surpasses fix and perm methods with its superior photostability, seamless integration with common dyes, and proven reliability, providing researchers with enhanced precision and consistent results for organelle detection studies in cell biology research. This innovative dye is highly versatile, seamlessly integrating with common dyes and markers like GFP, facilitating multiplex analysis. CELLESTIAL® is optimised for various platforms, including microplates, flow cytometry, and fluorescent imaging, streamlining workflows for researchers. Its proven track record in peer-reviewed literature makes it a trusted and indispensable tool for scientists striving to advance their understanding of cell biology. Whether you're studying nuclei, nucleoli, mitochondria, lysosomes, Golgi apparatus, or the endoplasmic reticulum, CELLESTIAL® complements your organelle detection studies, enhancing the precision and reliability of your experiments.

MITO-ID® Membrane Potential Kit

The MITO-ID® Membrane Potential Kit offers a highly sensitive real-time assay for monitoring mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP), crucial in early apoptosis detection. The kit employs a unique probe that transitions from green fluorescence in the cytosol to orange fluorescence in mitochondria. The assay is straightforward, requiring no wash steps, and is ten times more sensitive than JC-1, enabling the detection of low drug/dose toxicity without solvent artifacts. With over 50 literature citations, it's a trusted tool for mitochondrial research.  

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