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Bangs Laboratories

Bangs Laboratories, Inc. is a manufacturer of uniform polymer, silica and magnetic microsphere products for diagnostic, research and flow cytometry applications. We also manufacture many specialty products to support validation and QC programs for analytical instruments, including a broad portfolio of fluorescent, count, size and cell viability standards. We have customization, OEM and bulk manufacturing capabilities and invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs. We believe in great service, and are proud to offer exceptional customer and technical support. Plus, we’re pretty cool in a nerdy sort of way.

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Bangs Laboratories
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Quantum™ Simply Cellular® kits offered by Bangs Laboratories provide a straightforward method to determine Antibody Binding Capacity (ABC). These kits contain microspheres labelled with specific antibodies and assigned different ABC values. By comparing fluorescence intensity with the assigned ABC values, a standard ABC curve is generated, enabling the determination of ABC values for stained cell samples. For more information on these kits, please visit this webpage.

The QuickCal® v. 3.0 Data Analysis Program is a pre-formatted template for calculating MESF or ABC values of stained samples using Quantum™ kits. It utilises standard curves generated from the kits to streamline the analysis process and ensure accurate measurements. For more information on how this program will fit into your use of the Quantum™ MESF and Quantum™ Simply Cellular® kits, please take a look here and for further information and purchasing, please get in contact with us here.Bangs Laboratories is a trusted and reliable distributor in the field of flow cytometry. With their specialised focus on quantitative flow cytometry and their commitment to providing accurate and standardised measurements, they offer valuable solutions for researchers in cell and molecular biology. By prioritising reliable results and precise data analysis, Bangs Laboratories empowers scientists to advance their research and make meaningful discoveries.

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Bangs Laboratories offers Quantum™ kits for quantitative flow cytometry, providing tools for expression analysis and standardised measurements. These kits use fluorochrome-labelled microspheres to establish a standard curve that relates fluorescence intensity to standardised MESF (Molecules of Equivalent Soluble Fluorochrome) or ABC (Antibody binding capacity) values. They are qualified for quantitative fluorescence cytometry, ensuring accurate assignments through primary calibrations. For more information on these kits, please visit this webpage.