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Aves Labs

2BScientific is honoured to have served as European distributor for Aves Labs for over ten years! Aves Labs is the source for chicken antibodies, and their scientific expertise and commitment to only producing antibodies that work gives us great confidence to offer their products to help advance your research. Explore their entire collection from 2BScientific.

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Aves Labs

Since 1995, Aves Labs has been the research community’s premier source of chicken antibodies. 

Founded by Dr. Gary Ciment, Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology at Oregon Health & Sciences University, Dr. Ciment was having trouble finding competent and reliable companies that made polyclonal antibodies on a custom basis. After failing to make an antibody against a highly-conserved mammalian gene product using rabbits, Dr. Ciment tried chickens as a potential alternative host.  The results were remarkable: the human protein antigen was highly immunogenic, there were extraordinarily large yields of antibody, and the immunoreagents demonstrated tight binding with high specificity.

25+ years later, Aves Labs continues to support researchers - like their founder - with a broad range of custom services offered, leveraging our scientific expertise and long history to provide innovative solutions to help customers tackle complex problems from research and development through production.  They are exceptionally proud of the work we do to help scientists get results, featuring these results periodically on our news and blog feed.

Chicken Polyclonal Antibodies from Aves Labs

View the great range of antibodies from Aves Labs (part of the Janel Group), including their popular GFP antibody!

GFP has been engineered to produce a vast number of variously coloured mutants, fusion proteins, and biosensors which have become useful and ubiquitous tools in transgenic experiments.

Chicken Polyclonal Antibodies from Aves Labs