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2BScientific offers an extensive breadth and depth of reagents to support research endevours. In doing so, we feature a diverse portfolio encompassing a comprehensive workflow for TR-FRET (Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) assays. TR-FRET is a powerful technology that allows researchers to investigate molecular interactions and biomolecular processes with remarkable precision, making it an invaluable tool in advancing scientific research.

Assay Kits for TR-FRET:
Using assay kits simplifies the experimental process by providing all necessary components in a single package. This convenience saves time and effort in procuring and preparing individual reagents. Additionally, these kits offer standardised protocols and optimised reagents, ensuring consistency and reliability across experiments.

Assay Kits by Reactivity




Buffers & General Consumables:

Buffers play a critical role in TR-FRET assays by maintaining the required pH, ionic strength, and environmental conditions. They create an ideal environment for accuracte measurements and help prevent non-specific binding of molecules. This ensures the specificity and precision of TR-FRET results.



Buffers by Application

Block / Inhibit / Neutralise

Detection / Quantitation

Conjugated Proteins:

Conjugated Proteins labelled with fluorescent or luminescent markers, enable precise and specific detection of protein-protein interactions or binding events. Their use enhances the sensitivity of TR-FRET assays, as fluorescence is emitted only when the labels are in close proximity. This real-time monitoring capability is invaluable for studying dynamic molecular processes.



Conjugated Proteins

Acceptor - Labelled Streptavidin

Europium - Labelled Streptavidin

Tagged Secondary Antibodies:

Tagged secondary antibodies,labelled with fluorescent or luminescent tags, provide versatility in TR-FRET assays. They can selectively bind to target molecules, allowing researchers to develop assays for a wide range of biomolecules. This versatility enables the study of various biological interactions, localisation within samples, and quantitative analysis, making TR-FRET assays adaptable to diverse research needs.

BioAuxilium offers a diverse array of TR-FRET products, and are highly skilled in designing, developing, and producing assay kits and reagents for popular technology platforms. This comprehensive range includes THUNDER™ TR-FRET Cell Signalling Assay Kits, THUNDER™ TR-FRET Biomarker Assay Kits and THUNDER™ TR-FRET cAMP Assay Kit, all of which are invaluable for advancing research in this field and are available from 2BScientific.

Poly-Dtech presents a comprehensive range of lanthanide-based fluorophore-conjugated streptavidin products, including their Bright-Dtech series. These specialised reagents are optimised for TR-FRET assays, enabling researchers to capture and detect biotinylated molecules for diverse applications, such as protein-protein interaction studies, biomolecular assays, and drug discovery research. These products offer advantages like fast and wash-free protocols, minimal background noise, low sample consumption, and significantly improved limit of detection (LOD).

Fluorophore-Conjugated Streptavidin Assay Kits
545-Tb / Streptavidin 575-Dy / Streptavidin 600-Sm Streptavidin
614-Eu / Streptavidin 880-Nd / Streptavidin 980-Yb / Streptavidin
Fluorophore-Conjugated Biotin Assay Kits
545-Tb / Biotin 575-Dy / Biotin 600-Sm / Biotin
614-Eu / Biotin 880-Nd Biotin 980-Yb / Biotin
Fluorophore-Conjugated Anti-X Assay Kits
Goat Human Mouse / Rabbit