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Disulfide Bond PLUS Expression Kit

Shipping Conditions:
Blue Ice
Storage Conditions:
-80 ℃
CellFree Sciences
230 µl × 8 reactions
This product provides special reaction conditions to better support the formation of disulfide bonds in proteins expressed in the wheat germ cell-free expression system.

Reaction conditions have been revised by adding a human endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductase (Ero1α) and a Protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) to the translation reaction while using a different buffer composition for bilayer formation. Learn more here on how to we support disulfide bond formation in our expression system.

Before using this product, confirm whether your target protein requires disulfide bond formation for correct folding and activity. Do not use this product when working with the GST-tag for later purification. Disulfide bonds are not stable when using glutathione containing buffers during the elution step.
Reagents necessary for each reaction are already premixed (Ero1a and PDI mixture provided separately.)

Synthesizing proteins with just a few pipetting steps.

Target proteins can be confirmed through SDS-PAGE/CBB staining.

Kit comes with expression vector, and primers to support template preparation.

Kit provided positive control to confirm formation of disulfide bonds.
Recommended for:
Users who want to prepare proteins having disulfide bonds.

Users who have difficulties with a protein of interest can try these reaction conditions when no prior information on disulfide bond formation is available to test better solubility and activity.

Users who want to test reaction conditions for scaling up protein expression.
Safety Data Sheet
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