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Alpha Diagnostics Intl. Inc

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Alpha Diagnostic develops, manufactures, and supplies novel diagnostic and quality control reagents and test kits. Intended for basic biological and disease research, these products are pivotal to the company’s mission of promoting global health through improved vaccine therapeutics and mitigating the spread of human and animal disease.
Researchers focused on human vaccine design and testing often turn to us for Alpha Diagnostic’s test kits. Enabling rapid evaluation of the efficacies of most common vaccines, including those for Ebola, MERS, HPV, Meningitis, Pneumococcus, DPT, MMR, Rotavirus, Hib, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Typhoid and Influenza, these provide essential information regarding vaccine performance. This is especially important to understand the impact of vaccine transportation to locations lacking adequate refrigeration and storage facilities.

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Alpha Diagnostics Intl. Inc

We also receive a lot of enquiries about Alpha Diagnostic’s tests for animal vaccines, with popular products including test kits for poultry vaccines against Avian Influenza and Marek’s disease, and kits to evaluate swine vaccines for Porcine Reproductive Disease and Swine Pneumonia. Many researchers with an interest in these kits are also keen to learn more about Alpha Diagnostic’s ELISA kits to test laboratory animals for the presence of bacterial and viral infections. Alpha Diagnostic’s kits for monitoring human biologics are another of our highly valued product ranges. These are especially useful to researchers wishing to identify drug authenticity and efficacy via a rapid and straightforward method.

We’ve also seen continued interest in the company’s diagnostic antibodies and proteins, testing kits for human and animal autoimmune diseases, and various other IVD reagents. In recommending Alpha Diagnostic to our customers, we often point out that product quality is demonstrated by over 5,000 citations in peer reviewed journals.

Looking for products to aid in vaccine research? Check out Alpha Diagnostic's Vaccine Research ELISA kits below!

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