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Founded in 1981 with the vision of creating superior veterinary diagnostics kits and related reagents, VMRD boasts the most comprehensive portfolio of veterinary diagnostics products worldwide. These include USDA-licensed ELISA kits, immunofluorescence reagents, antibodies, and Coombs testing reagents, with a strong focus on canine, feline, bovine, porcine, and equine. VMRD has a strong market reputation for delivering best in class products and services and, as a result, has had a global impact on improvements in animal welfare. At 2BScientific, we frequently receive enquiries from researchers seeking veterinary diagnostic products to monitor disease, and we have no hesitation in endorsing VMRD to supply these. Recently, we’ve recommended VMRD’s ELISA kits to laboratories wishing to accurately detect antibodies specific to conditions including bluetongue and foot and mouth disease, and we’ve also suggested VMRD’s antibodies to monitor antigens such as canine distemper and feline immunodeficiency virus.

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VMRD continues the vision of creating superior veterinary diagnostics.

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