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Kromnigon is a biotech company that originated from new technologies for multicolor microscopy and multiplex IHC. The company was founded in 2015 by Per Fogelstrand and Ulf Yrlid. It started as a joint research project at Gothenburg University, Sweden, which focused on the involvement of leukocytes in endothelial repair. The task posed significant histological challenges, and from these frustrations, new ideas emerged on how to convert multiplex IHC from craftsmanship into reliable methods that anyone in the lab can perform. Today, we have several IHC kits available on the market for multiplex immunostaining, along with exclusive bandpass filter sets that equip fluorescence microscopes with 7 color channels. Our IHC kits are based on StreptaClick®, a streptavidin molecule optimized for pre-mixing with biotinylated antibodies before use in experiments. We are continuing developing StreptaClick®-products for instant antibody labeling with a wide range of signalling molecules and for custom click applications, where StreptaClick® carries a pre-determined number of alkynes or azides.

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