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Funakoshi Co., Ltd. has contributed as a leader in the supply of research reagents and instruments for researchers in the life science fields since its foundation. Their corporate mission is to provide products to broad range of customers throughout our worldwide network.

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FLIM-type for Cellular Thermoprobe for Fluorescence Lifetime. Ratio-type for Cellular Thermoprobe for Fluorescence Ratio

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World's first detection reagent for lipid radicals, which are upstream factors of lipidperoxidation (LPO).

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Zin-Pro Capture

useful for analyzing proteins involved in transport kinetics of mobile zinc in the cells

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a new fluorescent dye, which stains cytoplasm promptly by just adding to culture medium

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a reagent for imaging intracellular polyamines specifically

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a novel fluorogenicsubstrate for GSTs
(Glutathione S-Transferases). Compared to conventional reagents, DNs-Rh can be used for live cell imaging with high specificity and sensitivity

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Cell-based AcroleinDetection Reagent for detecting of acrolein in live cells. Contact us at!

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A novel live cell imaging probe which emits green fluorescence by binding to DNA specifically. Contact us at!

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Observe dynamic biosynthesis, degradation and movement of lipid droplets in live cells!

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