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Cell Line Services

CLS is an independent cell repository founded in 1998 which specialises in the cultivation and preservation of cell lines. With more than 800 continuous cell lines from various tumors, tissues and species, CLS is one of the largest privately held cell banks in the world. Besides providing researchers with authenticated cell cultures free of viral or bacterial contaminations, CLS manufactures cell-derived products such as DNA, RNA, cell pellets, exosomes and lysates and provides services such as mycoplasma and viral testing to academia and industry. They are directing their efforts towards a serum-free cell culture society. Already having grown more than 30 cell lines free of any serum additives, CLS is pursuing to adapt more than 100 cell lines to serum-free conditions by 2025 without altering their genetic markup, expression profile or growth characteristics. They do not only want to fight the reproducibility crisis but to preserve the future of science.

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Cell Line Services