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AlphaThera’s mission is to make antibody labeling as simple and consistent as possible, giving scientists confidence in their bioconjugation reactions. Tracing its origins to research in the lab of Co-founder Dr. Andrew Tsourkas at the University of Pennsylvania, AlphaThera has since rapidly grown and engaged the commercial space, launching over 15 different products and serving clients both domestic and worldwide. AlphaThera’s rapid growth can be attributed to effective translation of novel lab discoveries into valuable product offerings for our clients, with our oYo-Link® site-specific antibody labeling technology at the core of our product portfolio and enabling a variety of applications including high-sensitivity ELISAs, flow cytometry, single-cell analysis, and more.

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About oYo-Link® Antibody Labeling Technology 

oYo-Link® equips researchers with a superior, site-specific antibody conjugation method that improves antibody binding and enhances assay performance over competing labeling methods. The oYo-Link® procedure can label off-the-shelf antibodies in under 2 hours with only 30 seconds hands-on time, giving researchers new flexibility to design their experiments.

Product Range:

                oYo-Link® Azide;  oYo-Link® DBCOoYo-Link® TetrazineoYo-Link® Thiol