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Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Afrobodies is a young and innovative biotechnology company specialising in the production of antibodies using alpacas. Co-founded by CEO Benedicta Mahlangu and CSO Dr. Peter Durcan in 2016, they focus on providing their products for life sciences research, such as immunodiagnostics, agriculture and immunotherapy. In partnership with South African based researchers, they aim to transform scientific research and make ground-breaking discoveries in South Africa. Afrobodies plans to reverse the antibody trade direction by, in due course, exporting their antibodies to Europe and North America. They differentiate themselves through excellent customer service, highly validated antibodies, reduced turn-around times and more cost-effective products.

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How Antibodies are made in Afrobodies


Afrobodies' recombinant antibodies can be easily modified enabling the addition of user friendly tags for:

  • Immunostaining
  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Flow cytometry
  • Western blot
  • In vivo imaging of animals and humans
  • Use on biosensor chips for immunodiagnostics
  • Use in immunotherapy for animals and humans via antibody drug conjugates


  • Testing for the presence of specific pesticides on fresh fruit for export
  • Testing for disease in animals
  • Testing for the presence of specific contaminants in water
  • Disease markers in a blood sample from patients

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