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Aeonian Biotech

Aeonian Biotech's mission is to eradicate wasted R&D expenses caused by poorly characterised, unstable, inconsistently performing, or no longer available immunological reagents. Among the large amounts of commercially available antibodies to any one specific protein/biomarker, They identify those few that meet the highest quality standards. The information on the manufacturer’s product sheet is thoroughly scrutinised. Using proprietary selection criteria they identify the best candidate antibodies.

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Aeonian Biotech

Aeonian Biotech, brought to you by 2BScientific stands at the forefront of revolutionising the research antibody market with a ground-breaking mission—to eradicate wasted R&D expenses caused by subpar immunological reagents. Scientists and assay developers now have a reliable shortcut to find antibodies based on specificity, selectivity, and long-term availability. 

Researchers can benefit from Aeonian Biotech's recombinant rabbit antibodies, combining high affinity with a perpetual supply. For those requiring enduring mouse antibodies, the recombinant versions address concerns of genetic drift. 

Aeonian Biotech's offerings extend to recombinant versions of well-documented antibodies derived from classic hybridoma clones and epitope tag antibodies, providing a permanent and consistent solution. Tissue microarray (TMA)-validated antibodies with immunohistochemistry (IHC) data from microarrays of normal and cancer tissues cater to specific research needs.

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