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Clinical and Diagnostic Products

Presenting a new range of CE marked products from 2BScientific

Clinical and Diagnostic Products at 2BScientific

2BScientific present its new range of clinical diagnostic reagents, that are registered with UKCA for selling CE-marked/IVD products.

This means that the 2BScientific you visit for our 100% product satisfaction guarantee, express customer communication, and innovative reagents, now includes products that can be used for clinical diagnostic purposes.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a team of researchers, or an individual seeking reliable and accurate disease diagnostic solutions, our teams can assist you to ensure you get the results you need.

Clinical and Diagnostic Products at 2BScientific

Clinical and Diagnostic reagents are widely used in the scientific community as valuable tools to obtain alternative approaches to data analysis. They are mainly used by:

  • Academic researchers to investigate novel disease pathways and build knowledge on new disease developments.

  • Researchers in the healthcare sectors use them to identify diseases, develop diagnostic methods, and advance drug discovery

  • Contract research organisations (CROs) utilise these reagents to offer research and development services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies

  •  Diagnostic testing companies depend on them for accurate and reliable testing results

  • Government research institutes and veterinary laboratories also seek these reagents for their respective research and diagnostic needs.

By providing high-quality clinical diagnostic reagents, 2BScientific supports the critical work of various lab-based researchers in the healthcare, government, and commercial sector to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation that supports scientific discovery and advancement.

Some of the key benefits our products offer to the researcher community are:

  • Ability to develop novel methods to identify unknown disease targets

  • Identify alternative methods to improve clinical data analysis

  • Generate potential biomarker analysis for disease stratification

  • Provides better funding support

  • Provides results optimisation and reproducibility in a timely manner

  • Ability to produce multiple tests at the same time with a single amount of human sample

  • Improve cost efficiency and reduce reagent wastage

Advantages of our Clinical and Diagnostic Product Range

  • Accurate and Early Diagnosis - By utilising these diagnostic products for quick and efficient development of results, it will enable healthcare professionals to make accurate and early diagnoses. This allows for prompt and targeted treatment, improving patient outcomes and potentially saving lives.

  • Disease Screening and Prevention - Our range of diagnostic products can offer disease screening methods. Post analysis they can enable healthcare providers to identify individuals at risk or in the early stages of certain disease conditions, facilitating timely intervention and preventive measures.

  • Personalised Medicine - These products offer the ability to improve personalised medicine by using human samples in multiple screening mechanisms, thereby tailoring treatment plans to an individual's specific genetic makeup or disease characteristics. This approach maximises treatment effectiveness, minimises adverse reactions, and optimises patient care.

  • Treatment Monitoring - The optimisation of these product by manufacturers, improve reporducibility of results, thereby playing a crucial role in monitoring the progress and effectiveness of treatments. They provide objective data that allows healthcare providers to adjust therapies as needed, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

  • Research and Development - These clinical diagnostic products are instrumental in advancing medical research and development. They facilitate the collection of data, biomaterials, and patient samples, enabling scientists to gain insights into disease mechanisms, evaluate new therapeutic approaches, and develop innovative medical technologies. This research ultimately leads to discovery of new treatments and improvements in patient care.

We have strengthened our relationship with Vidia to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge, reliable and accurate reagents!

Vidia supplies a range of IVD products such as Immunofluorescence and Immunoassay kits, as well as the "RAPID Test" range of Immunochromatography assays used in gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, while also allowing qualitative detection of inflammatory and tumour markers.


A biotechnology company with 28 years of manufacturing experience in IVD technology, provide a large variety of clinical IVD assays for detection of bacterial, viral and other microbial infections in human samples. VIDIA offers ELISA kits, Immunoflorescence assays, RAPID Test kits, and LIA kits to determine diagnosis of a plethora of infectious serelogy for parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungal agents. VIDIA’s products offer accurate and rapid results for Gastro-intestinal infections and Respiratory infections that includes bacterial and virus agent detections.


Key benefits from these applications

  • Specificity of the biomarker can rapidly validate patient stractification for disease severity or progression for autoimmune diseases, cancer detection and identify types of infectious disease

  • Better treatment decisions with faster follow-up analysis

  • Faster detection of a variety of microbial infections and serology analysis