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1Step Magic Probe Kit

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Extra Details:
1Step Magic Probe Kit is a convenient one-step solution for the quantitative analysis of RNA. The 2X qPCR mastermix contains all components necessary for a qPCR experiment: HotStart DNA polymerase, dNTPs (with a blend of dTTP and dUTP to allow for the digestion with UNG) and a passive reference dye, all supplied in a reaction buffer optimized for selective amplification of target sequences. For the conversion of RNA to cDNA before the amplification, VitaScript™ Reverse Transcriptase is provided as a 50X solution. Due the one-step formulation, handling steps and experiment time are reduced; furthermore, reliability and reproducibility are increased.
2X Mastermix and 50X VitaScript®
2x 1ml 2X Magic Probe Mix, 1x 100µl 50X VitaScript®
Shipping Conditions:
Blue Ice
Storage Conditions:
Please refer to datasheet
Procomcure Biotech
200 rxn/20 µl
  • Manufacturer's Data Sheet:
Price for 200 rxn/20 µl £379.00

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