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Indominus Ultra-Fi PCR Kit

Academic Pricing:
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Endpoint PCR
Extra Details:
The recently developed Indominus™-Polymerase is a next-generation designer proofreading polymerase that combines high speed and efficiency with a superior amplification fidelity. It is an allround talent for many applications but especially recommended for high fidelity applications like cloning or NGS.
Indominus Enzyme Solution, 5X Buffer A and 5X Buffer B
5x 100µl Indominus 50X Enzyme Solution, 5x 1ml Indominus 5X Buffer A, 5x 1ml Indominus 5X Buffer B
Shipping Conditions:
Blue Ice
Storage Conditions:
Please refer to datasheet
Procomcure Biotech
500 rxn/50 µl
  • Manufacturer's Data Sheet:
Price for 500 rxn/50 µl £398.00

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