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CARD HyperOva FD

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See all IVF and fertility-related products available from Cosmo Bio USA Put more eggs in your basket! CARD HyperOva® (Japanese Patent No. 5927588) is an ultra-superovulation reagent that induces ovulation at higher efficiency when compared with the conventional superovulation induction method (PMSG-hCG method). Following the conventional method, we were only able to obtain approximately 20 ova per mouse (C57BL/6J) on average; using CARD HyperOva®, however, we can obtain as many as 3-4 times more ova. CARDHyperOva® a hyperovulation reagent for use in reproductive engineering. It was developed at the Center for Animal Resources and Development (CARD), Kumamoto University. CARD HyperOva ® F.D. is freeze-dried to improve storage stability. Frequently Asked Questions1. Is the activity:dosage the same (0.1-0.2mL)? Yes, the activity of HyperOva FD is the same as the liquid version. 2. In the liquid version, there have been reports of a white precipitate (fibrin) in the tubes. Is this present in the FD version? No, fibrin was removed before lyophilization.3. Can the HyperOva FD be reconstituted, aliquoted, and refrozen? If so, how long are the frozen aliquots able to be stored? Similar to standard HyperOva, after reconstitution HyperOva FD can be aliquoted and frozen ONE TIME without losing efficiency. Please note that there is no data yet regarding the shelf life of this reconstituted/frozen HyperOva FD.4. Once reconstituted, how long can the HyperOva be stored in the freezer? At -20, it can be kept certainly for one month. After that, we do not have data. If the customer has a deep freezer, the manufacturer recommends that the reconsituted HyperOva FD be stored at -70. It is guaranteed for up to 3 months in this condition.5. Once reconstituted, can the HyperOva FD be stored in the fridge? No. Any storage time in the fridge may result in a decline in activity and is not advised.6. At what temperature should the reconstituted product be used? Please reconstitute at "room temperature"--generally 15-25 degrees C., KYD
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