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CARD HyperOva[R] (Superovulation Reagent for mouse)

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5 x 600 ul
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See all IVF and fertility-related products available from Cosmo Bio USACARD HyperOva® (Superovulation Reagent for mouse) (Japanese Patent No. 5927588) is an ultra-superovulation reagent that is 3-4 times more efficient at inducing ovulation than the conventional PMSG-hCG method (80 ova per C57BL/6 mouse versus approximately 20). CARD HyperOva® is also effective with many other strains. Even further gains in efficiency can be realized by using CARD MEDIUM® during the IVF procedure.Why Use CARD HyperOva®? Reduce Animal Use (contribute to the 3Rs of animal welfare: Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) Using CARD HyperOva® can reduce the number of oocyte donor mice by a factor of 1/3-1/4. Optimize creation and preservation of genetically modified mice. More ova from fewer mice using CARD HyperOva® facilitates in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer. More ova from fewer mice using CARD HyperOva® enables the large-scale preparation of embryos. Get more done! For information on techniques for mouse spermatozoa cryopreservation, spermatozoa thawing, in vitro fertilization and obtaining pups through embryo transfer, please refer to the CARD website:, KYD
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5 x 600 ul