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CARD mHTF (modified Human Tubal Fluid)

Extra Details:
See all IVF and fertility-related products available from Cosmo Bio USA The mHTF medium is a novel medium for in vitro fertilization in mice. Recommended product by CARD (Center of Animal Resources and Development) mHTF was specially modified for mice in vitro fertilization. Application: 1.For washing or culturing medium for the in-vitro fertilization 2.As a weight for the sperm cryopreservation 3.For washing medium of refrigerated epididymis tailpiece etc. The use of CARD MEDIUMR FERTIUP will become more and more comfortably with this mHTF., KYD
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Blue Ice
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Cosmo Bio Ltd
Biomaterials: in vitro fertilisation
5 x 2 ml
Price for 5 x 2 ml £304.00

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