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Easy WESTERN II Super, Basic set

Extra Details:
For High Sensitivity and Strong Signal Detection Easy-WESTERN (EZW) is a primary antibody detection reagent kit for Western blots. The kit is based on the Multi-Antibody Detection (MAD) technology. The MAD reagent is nano-size protein particles with high affinity to antibodies. Each particle is composed of about 100 antibody-binding proteins and is labeled with 50 HRP molecules. Because of these properties, MAD reagent enables high sensitivity and quick detection of primary antibodies. The Easy-WESTERN kit is ideal for high sensitivity, signal enhancement, and simultaneous detection of multi-antigens that is not possible with standard Western blot techniques. [Feature & Advantages: 1. No need for secondary antibody - MAD reagent can detect most primary antibodies* 2. Higher signal for weakly expressed antigens 3. Enhance signal by easy reprobing, no stripping the membrane 4. Improve signal while using less primary antibodies * MAD reagent may not work well with goat IgG. For best results use Mouse IgG Enhancer with mouse IgG1 primary antibodies. The performance of EZW depends on the type of antibody, and we do not warrant higher sensitivity in all cases., BEC
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Dry Ice
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Cosmo Bio Ltd
Assay Kits: Western Blot
50 assays
Price for 50 assays £560.00

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