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Unmasking using an Autoclave

A HIER/HTAU method using an autoclave

Unmasking in an Autoclave

Using an autoclave can avoid hot spots as seen in microwave methods so the heating is generally more even with this method.

  1. Cut & mount sections on coated slides - VECTABOND, Poly L-Lysine or APES coatings are recommended.
  2. Add dewaxed and rehydrated sections to a metal or plastic slide rack and completely immerse slides in around 250ml unmasking solution. Cover with a lid to avoid evaporation.
  3. Place container in autoclave and close autoclave.
  4. Set temperature (in general to 120°C) for desired time (normally 10-20 minutes) and start.
  5. Release pressure, then quickly (and carefully avoiding steam) remove container from the autoclave
  6. Cool to room temperature with cooled water before removing slides from solution.

Commercially available high & low pH antigen unmasking solutions are suitable for this method. To get a quote for the products or to place an order, please email