Custom Bulk Services

2BScientific is able to offer custom BULK quantities of all the products we hold in the following ranges:

  • Antibodies

  • Proteins & Peptides

  • Kits (Assay, ELISA etc)

  • Nucleic Acids

  • Probes

  • General Molecular Biology Reagents

  • Micro / Nanospheres

  • Consumables


Bulk options include milligram quantities (1mg, 5mg, 10mg etc.) up to multigram quantities (1g, 5g, 100g etc.). In some cases we can also produce these products to GLP compliance.

Examples of custom bulk items that 2BScientific has supplied in the past includes ELISA Assays, matched paired antibodies, and proteins for diagnostic and clinical assays, drug screening, and clinical studies. The products we've sold in bulk include cytokine reagents, recombinant proteins, and diagnostic related antibodies such as FSH and Influenza.

Popular custom bulk orders include shRNA Library Design and Synthesis from Cellecta, Inc., anti GFP (GFP-1020 from Aves Labs), Stellaris FISH probes from Biosearch Technologies, and anti CD34 (QBEND.10 from BioSynergy Europe).

2BScientific is also able to conjugate antibodies and proteins to most dyes and enzymes.


Even if we don’t sell the product you’re interested in please contact us with the product code, supplier name, and quantity you desire and we’ll try and get you a better price than you could buying direct from the supplier!


Please contact our technical sales manager Dr. Farjad Ahmed at for more information. He’s a nice guy who’s very helpful and sort of looks like this: