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Antibodies are the primary weapon of the adaptive immune system. They are made to order against each new target – or antigen – the body encounters; some protein on the surface of a bacterium, virus, fungal cell, or anything else the body recognises as ‘foreign’. It is the shape, not the sequence of a protein that an antibody recognises; as sure as a key fits a lock, an antibody will ‘fit’ an antigen, recognising some unique nook, crevice or fold – the epitope – on an antigen.


However, in addition to the vital roles antibodies play in the body, the ability to harness this specificity for our own ends has, arguably, been one of the most important developments for basic research in modern times, forming the bedrock of numerous techniques.

By producing antibodies against targets that we select we have been able to identify, isolate or count populations of cells by flow cytometry, diagnose infections and disease, measure the concentrations of proteins using techniques like ELISA, or locate where they are expressed in samples of tissue or cells through techniques like IHC or ICC


They’re not just useful as molecular name tags though, their uses can also be based on functional characteristics, neutralising the action of proteins, blocking or activating receptors on cells, activating compliment. The list of their potential uses in research goes on.

The 2BScientific Antibody product range:

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Primary Antibodies ABclonal, Abcore, Abnova, Absolute AntibodyAcris, ArtronAves, Aviva, BiosensisBioXCell, BiossBiovendor, Bioworld, CellBiolabsCosmo Bio, Creative Bioarray, Cusabio, DendriticsDiaclone, EastCoast Bio, ECM Biosciences, Elabscience, EnCor Biotechnology, EnoGene, Everest, Exalpha, Exbio, FabGennix, Fitzgerald, Fuller Labs, Funakoshi, Gemacbio, Gennova, GenScript, GenWay, ICLIMGENEX, Immunostep, Immunoway, Immuquest, Kingfisher, Life Sensors, Maine Biotech, MediMabs, MyBioSource, Nordic-MUbioOxford BioMed. Res., Protein BiotechRevMAb, SICGEN, Tonbo Bioscences, ViroStat & VMRD
Secondary Antibodies Acris, Aves Labs (IgYs), Aviva Systems Biology, BioXCell, BiosensisEnoGene, Genway & Nordic-MUbio
Flow Cytometry Antibodies Exalpha Biologicals, Exbio, FabGennix, Immunostep & Tonbo Bioscience
Chicken Antibodies (IgY) Aves Labs & Immune Biosolutions
Phosphorylated Antibodies ECM BiosciencesPhosphosolutions & SignalWay
Proteinase Antibodies ProteaImmun
Isotope Control Antibodies Acris & GenWay
Veterinary Nordic-MUbioKingfisher & VMRD
In Vivo Monoclonal Antibodies BioXCell (InVivomAbs, InVivoPlus)
Viral Antibodies


Conjugated Antibodies Abcore & Bioss Inc. 
Infectious Disease Antibodies

Artron, EastCoast Bio, Fuller Labs, Maine Biotechnology (Norovirus, Chikungunya virus etc.) & ViroStat

Dendritic Antibodies Dendritics
Extra-Cellular Membrane Antibodies ECM Biosciences
Small Molecules Gemacbio
IHC Antibodies Gennova Scientific
Ubiquitous Antibodies Life Sensors

SAM Antibodies



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Interesting facts on Antibodies

  • The term 'antibody' ('antikörper' in German) was first coined by the German physician and scientist Paul Ehrlich in 1891
  • The Y-shaped structure of antibodies was first described in 1962 by Porter and Edelman
  • Despite having a fixed set of genes (~30,000), we have the potential to produce billions of different antibodies, each with unique specificity. This is possible because the antibody gene segments that code for the antigen binding site can be shuffled like cards in a deck and recombined, producing a huge additional diversity
  • The immune system can mistakenly produces antibodies against healthy tissue, these types of responses are known as auto-immune disorders. There are more than 80 different types of auto-immune disorder, including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes.
  • Antibodies used to treat disease (therapeutic antibodies), such as the anti-TNF-alpha antibody HUMIRA (adalimumab), are reaching blockbuster status, earning their producers over $1 Billion in revenue



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