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Xell is an innovative partner for the biotech and pharma industry, providing efficient solutions in cell culture technology. Xell offers culture media and feeds for all commonly used cell types (CHO, HEK, Hybridoma etc.) and applications (biopharma and viral vector-based production). Their chemically defined products are animal component free and GMP compliant. Reliable analytical services (e.g. amino acids, vitamins or polyamines) are served for various matrices with unmatched timelines for the biopharma, biotech, feed & food and R&D industries. They also offer cell and process services at BSL-1 and BSL-2 labs to optimize production processes. Since 2019, Xell has extended its capabilities for large-scale production of liquid (up to 240,000 L/a) and powder (up to 144,000 kg/a by 2021) media and related solutions at its own facility.

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