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Sandia Biotech

Sandia Biotech, Inc. is a privately held New Mexico C-Corporation located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, specialising in novel proprietary antibody and protein based reagents for use by biomedical scientists in the laboratory. They currently offer three different product lines: split fluorescent proteins "sFPs" in various colours designed primarily to determine proper protein folding; G-protein oestrogen receptors; and our newest line of recombinant, fluorescent antibody derivatives called FluorAbodies™

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Sandia Biotech
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What are FluorAbodies[R]?

Simply put, they are Monovalent Small Size Fab Fragments. Here is a simple diagram about it:

Here is a short note on FluorAbodies

Want to know some more – here is a seminar on FluorAbodies

Benefits of FluorAbodies®

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