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RJH Biosciences

RJH Biosciences have developed broadly acting transfection reagents to modify mammalian cells with plasmid DNA, siRNA, mRNA and other nucleic acids. The foundation of their transfection reagents is based on cationic lipopolymers with optimal balance of cationic charge and hydrophobic (lipid) group. By systematically altering the polymeric backbone and the nature of lipid group, a library of transfection reagents has been generated. Some of the transfection reagents are broadly acting, functioning in different cell types with different nucleic acids. Others display high specificity, where they are exceptionally effective in particular cell types for particular nucleic acid delivery.

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RJH Biosciences

Delivery of Nucleic Acids with RJH Biosciences Reagents

RJH Biosciences facilitates delivery of nucleic acids to biological systems, including siRNA, mRNA, pDNA, miR and ASO. Our polymeric reagents provide stable and effective delivery of polynucleotides in various cell types and animal models. RJH reagents allow your studies in cell culture and animal models to be executed in a way that is safe and reliable. We are dedicated to:

  • Provide 8 different commercial reagents that work in a variety of cells and cover multiple nucleic acids. 
  • Engage in mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships.
  • Undertake contract R&D activities for clients that identify delivery vehicles for specific nucleic acids, cell types and lead optimization.

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