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Lee Biosolutions

Lee Biosolutions is a global leader in the manufacturing of raw materials for the IVD manufacturing and research markets, supplying proteins, enzymes, antibodies, biochemicals and biologics. Our products are used for wide-range of disease categories, including cardiac, cancer, diabetes, urinalysis, obesity, inflammation, neurological, autoimmune, immunological and more.

Lee BioSolutions is now a part of the Medix Biochemica group and offers a wide range of new products. Please click on the products link below to check out all Medix products.

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Lee Biosolutions

As a leading life science distribution company, we recognise the immense value that biological fluids hold for researchers worldwide. For this reason, we are partnered with Lee BioSolutions MEDIX Biochemica to provide a wide range of high-quality biological fluids. Biological fluids are valuable for researchers because they provide crucial information about a person's health, help diagnose diseases, discover biomarkers, develop, and monitor drugs, study physiological processes, and conduct epidemiological studies. The fluids also aid in drug development and dosage optimisation, as well as providing insights into normal bodily functions and disease mechanisms. Furthermore, they allow researchers to study disease prevalence, risk factors, and patterns in populations, contributing to public health knowledge.

MEDIX offers a wide range of human biologicals, including single donor and pooled human biologics, as well as access to donors, labs, and hospitals across the US. We specialise in using state-of-the-art biologics manufacturing techniques for the collection, preservation, and storage of our high-quality human biological products.

Our role is to efficiently supply these essential resources to support researchers in their quest for discovery and breakthroughs. In this piece, we aim to provide an informative overview of biological fluids and their significance in life science research.

Biological fluids are dynamic and complex mixtures that circulate within living organisms, carrying a rich assortment of molecules, cells, and components. They serve as windows into the physiological state and overall health of an organism, encapsulating valuable molecular signals, metabolites, proteins, nucleic acids, and cellular entities.

These biological fluids are non-invasive and ethical invasive sampling methods. Samples are collected without resorting to invasive procedures, allowing for repeated measurements, and reducing patient discomfort. This ease of access makes biological fluids ideal for diagnosing diseases, monitoring treatment efficacy, and conducting longitudinal studies.

Adipose Tissue Amniotic Fluid Ascites Fluid ASO Serum Samples Bone Marrow
Breast Milk Buccal Swab Buffy Coats Cerebrospinal Colon - Acetone
Defibrinated Earwax Swab Faecal Matter Fixed White Blood Hair Sample
Heart - Acetone Human Control IL-6 Serum Immunoglobulin E Influenza A
Serum Semen Plasma Saliva Nasal Fluid
Sweat Tears Urine Vaginal Fluid Vomit


If your desired biological research fluid is not listed above, it is likely it can be custom synthesised by Lee BioSolutions MEDIX, and if not, our 2BFound service ensure 100% customer satisfaction by searcing high and low for your desired product.